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The Dragon The Phoenix and the Furball


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My adventure to review CHANCE....

Who's the Who: Chance is played by Amber Benson
Simon is played by James Marsters
The adventure begins:
I woke up and and walked to the door, my UPS lady had already left me my package at the door! at first glance I knew what it was, what I had been waiting for, for what seemed like a century i might add. (nothing against shipping or delivery I am just impatient.) My first instinct was to call my best friend and her husband.
The Ride:
The trip seemed like it took forever to get there, The 41 was soooo slow, not because traffic was bad, but because well I am impatient! Brittany Spears playing in the background(I have a fire-y passion of hate but dang-it I had to just buy the CD and now here I am liking the songs), me living in my dream world. Finally we were there, Jess and Sean came out and they smiled, "So what are we doing?" my response. " It's a surprise." Jess hates surprises and I know Sean so I was soooo not telling them that I am taking them back to my place to watch CHANCE. Sean so would have ran if I said it was a girl movie. The trip back into town, wasn't as bad, the only problem was keeping my mouth shut on why we were going to my house. But Sean saved me from that, he talked most of the way, We were laughing and talking about the Buffy-verse. We were naming off who in our group would be who, Sean of course is our Spike, Jess is our Buffy, sometimes I like to call her She-Hulk when she gets mad. I would be Willow, and Adam would be Giles, the reason we chose Adam as Giles was not because he does a great British accent, nooooo because when he talks no one listens!
It continues:
Well pulling into my drive way was fun. It was fun because I knew the wait was over. We walked in through the door of course having to unlock it first. I walked over to the entertainment unit and grabbed the movie that was secretly placed inside so no one could see. Jess and Sean were getting settled on the couch and I turned around with the largest shit eating grin on my face, Jess smiled at me and asked "What is that?" I smiled back and shyly spoke. "Chance!" the grin on my face getting even larger. Jess smiled and I put it in.. I swear I had to rewind 5 times because the boys wouldn't shut up, And me of course being the movie gestapo (so not spelled right) started to get angry and shush them. Finally they took off to get food and Jess and I curled up and started the movie. AGAIN!
The first reaction I had was to laugh because it was the first time I had heard Amber cuss. As the movie plays along, I start to laugh and then freak, but to my surprise it was only a brief freak out. (you will understand once you see it for yourself.) The look of the film was so interesting, it made you feel as if you were right there with them, watching as a by-stander. I loved watching Jessica's reactions to the movie, it was like a child in a candy store for the first time, to see her get a small grin then just an all out smile and laugh. My reactions to the movie; was a lot of laughs, and feelings of hey I know that, oh I've been there, and pointing out what we all had in common with the characters. When the end came we all cheered because we loved it so much! There was clapping and smiling.
For the conclusion of my review the ratings follow as 1-5 bowls of popcorn, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest, I give this movie a 4 1/2, I would like to give it a 5 but then my friends would tackle me saying that I only said it because I dig Amber's work. (but if you keep it between you and I it was definitely a 5!) I definitely stand behind my rating, The writing was done beautifully, the acting was awesome, Everything gets 4 1/2 (5!) bowls of popcorn and two hugs way way up!

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