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The Dragon The Phoenix and the Furball

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The Dragon and The Phoenix

This is some of the history of the girls (Amber Benson and Alyson Hannigan) Entertainment and also some personal info ie. Birthdays and such.

The Dragon

Amber Benson (Tara MaClay)

Amber began her long running apperance on Buffy the Vampire slayer or as Buffyverse like to call it "BTVS" (season 4 "The Gentelmen), No one had a clue of where her character was going, When we first met Tara MaClay she was sitting on the floor in a wicca meeting, she had this cute adorible sense around her!

As we watched this flower bloom into the more brave and outspoken Tara we learned later after "New moon rising" that she was a lesbian and a wican (way cool!) she was destined to be with the love of her life the beautiful and "geeky" Willow Rosenberg.

Tara and Willow battled for thier relationship to work, with some faultering caused by Willow's obbsetion with magicks. But to rise and love again they did reuniting in "Entropy" (season 6) but to be let down with the awful next episode in the season "Seeing Red" Tara and Willow only had just rekindeled there love to be struck by tragety by one of the "nerd bregade". Amber's last air date on the show was May 7th 2002. The irony of this character for Amber in my opion was that she didnt recive a credit in the show till her final air date. (major buzz kill.)

Since then Miss Benson can be seen in her movie CHANCE. please keep up to date in out Gossip and News section.

Name Amber Nicole Benson
Birthdate 01-08-1977
Birthplace Birmingham, Alabama
Resides: LA, Califonia
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Favorite color Blue

The Phoenix

Alyson Hannigan (Willow Rosenberg)

We met Miss Hannigan (Mrs. Denisof) in a movie shot before most people can remember "My step mom is an Alien" she went on to make many more cool things. We met back up with Alyson in her portrail of Willow Rosenberg on Buffy the Vampire slayer. Alyson has been there since the begining (ok well not the super begining but close enough "darn tootin".

We watched the shy Miss Rosenberg transform form a Xander crazed hottie, to an all loving Oz. She was a complete Xander-holic for the most of season 1-2. Then her new beau arrived, a guitar player for the band called "Dingo's ate my baby" She was mad hott'in it for him, well not at first since she hadnt even relized that he was checking her out! Sadly Willow compromised the relationship by having a "Fluke" with Xander (many smoochies) Cordilia (Xander's girlfriend also local high school queen bee) and Oz caught them kissing in an abandon warehouse where Spike had "secretly" hidden them in hope of Willow doing a love spell against Drusilla (Spike's ex.)

With Time Oz and Willow found thier way back to eachother and reconciled only to be plauged in college by another Lycan (oh ya did i forget to mention Oz has an extreem Jerry Garcia look 3 times out of the month, yep you guessed it he is also a Lycan) named Varuca. Poor Willow only thought there bond was through the love of music and speaking "musicianese" but she was sorely mistaken, the two lycans had, had a romp in the sack or two. Willow learned of this deed and ran, she ran so hard she had no clue where she was going, she ended up almost getting hit by a car, but was rescued by Riley (Buffy's army boyfriend.)

In the comming of months she met the beautiful and shy Tara Maclay, a bond and friendship was formed through thier mutual practice in wicca, but also something else brewed in these witch's cauldrons, what is it you ask, the answer is simple "Love!" Willow and Tara from then on were inseprable, singing songs together (brought on by a deamon that I think would be an awesome musical writer).

Struck by an unfore seen tragety Willow lost her beloved almost 3 years after finding her. She was devistated and went all "Wacky Witchie" almost destroying the world. Following Tara's death she struggled to regan her control in the craft, finding solice in another. (which we wont name because most of us would have prefered that all the death-y stuff never happened)

You can now catch Alyson in
American Pie
American Pie 2
American Wedding

Rip it off
Beyond City limits


Name Alyson Lee Hannigan-Denisof

Born 03-24-1974

Birthplace Washington D.C.

Resides LA, California

Hair Red

Eyes Green

Favorite color unknown untill further searching.

Other Buffy Characters are un important, except for maybe Anya!

This site is specified for Willow and Tara the most beloved couple on Buffy the Vampire Slayer... Blessed Be.